Are hearing aids really worth the money? It’s a question many people experiencing hearing loss ask when they look at the price tag of hearing aids. However, when you buy a house you don’t see the price and say, “well being homeless is cheaper!” What’s more, if you look beyond the price tag, you might […]

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The One Thing You Should Know About Hearing Loss

Growing up into adulthood, you likely began to associate hearing loss with aging. You probably had older adults around you struggling to understand words or wearing hearing aids. But just like 30 or 60 only seemed old to you until it fast approached, as you learn more about hearing loss, you find it has less […]

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6 Tricks to Make Hearing Aid Batteries Last

6 Tricks to Make Hearing Aid Batteries Last The key to making hearing aids cost effective lies in just one component–the batteries. It is one of the largest financial concerns consumers face when shopping for hearing aids because the costs of replacing them can add up fast. Even more concerning, what if the batteries die […]

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